Professional Home Inspection Services

Rely on years of experience for your home and business real estate inspection needs!

Knowledgeable Expert Home Inspector


Put over 20 years of construction experience to work for you! Most other licensed home inspectors have only completed the minimum state requirements and have no background in the industry. 

We Notice the Little Things


With trained eyes our home inspectors catch things most will not and know which of those little things are just that and which are actually BIG things.

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction


Real Estate transactions are almost always the biggest financial decision in one's lifetime. Our clients can rest assured we take our jobs very seriously and promise to do everything we can to ensure you're making a wise and informed investment decision.

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Home Inspection Services

New York State License #16000094221 


Commercial Inspection Services

A team of licensed inspectors, tradesmen and engineers available to report on your investment property condition. 

You'll know what you are getting! Call 646-760-2488 to schedule your commercial property inspection!


More coming soon!

Radon Testing, Thermal Imaging, Commercial Property Inspections, More to Come Soon!

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